Engagement Session Calgary: Amor & Enrique

“Love is patient and kind…Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”
—1 Corinthians 13:4-7

_MG_1359My first time to meet up with a wedding client of LCR Photography was with love herself—Amor! And her soon-to-be husband, Enrique.

While we were waiting for my buddies Chiqui and Leslie, my chatty and curious side got the better of me. I asked Amor and Enrique how their love story began.

_CR26054They were introduced to each other by their common friends, after a party. Further along their love story, I couldn’t help but giggle (at the “sweet moments” tidbits), then get teary-eyed in one moment, then give an all-out laugh in another._CR26136-Edit

_CR26108But more than their story, it was hard to miss how the lovebirds said it all with the expressions in their eyes and the tenderness of their words. There was excitement and joy and sweetness throughout. Furtive glances and looking into each other’s eyes and caresses here and there. Indeed, their affection and admiration for each other resonated through me.


What’s even more impressive is that they defied time and distance. Both are in their late thirties; Amor is from the Philippines while Enrique is from Mexico. And they found love in Canada!


Truly, we cannot underestimate the power of love. It takes people by surprise. Indeed, there’s a time for everything. A time to wait and a time to reap. And now, they reap the fruits of the patience they’ve sown._CR12543Being able to photograph their engagement session was definitely a privilege and a pleasure. Even with the windy, cold, rainy weather that day, we still got the shots we hoped to capture.

Now, LCR Photography is proudly part of their ever-after story.


 “LCR Photography is in the business of capturing life’s precious moments.”
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Calgary Engagement – Taylor & Jen

LCR6D_5155Engagement Session with Taylor & Jeniffer

An engagement session done at Rowley, Alberta. Rowley is an amazing place that I never knew existed up until I stumbled upon a video on YouTube by Alex Robinson about ghost towns in Alberta. The rural location of this town was the perfect fit for the rustic theme of the couple’s photo shoot.

LCR6D_4870LCR6D_5157LCR6D_4702LCR6D_5120LCR6D_5024LCR6D_5061LCR6D_5053LCR6D_4705-Edit-2Taylor and Jen have to be one of the cutest couple we have photographed this year. Aside from the fact that they’re very laid-back, they also have a great sense of humour. From the images that we captured, we could see that they have a level of comfortability that other couples aspire to have.

LCR6D_4651 LCR6D_5051  LCR6D_4686LCR6D_5217-EditLCR6D_4724LCR6D_5196LCR6D_5169

We spent about thirty minutes touring the ghost town prior to the session — guided by some nice volunteers from nearby towns — which greatly helped us scout some fantastic locations. We made use of the old railways, train cars, the old train station, as well as the nearby canola fields to help us truly capture the theme that we had going for the shoot.

LCR6D_4793  LCR6D_4734LCR6D_4783LCR6D_4727LCR6D_4840  LCR6D_5130LCR6D_5164LCR6D_5284LCR6D_4964-EditLCR6D_4959LCR6D_4974LCR6D_4645-EditLCR6D_4956LCR6D_4930-EditLCR6D_4945-EditLCR6D_4932-EditLCR6D_4949-Edit-2

For Taylor and Jen, we would like thank you for the opportunity for letting us be a part of this memorable experience. We’re looking forward to your upcoming wedding and we wish you guys the best.

And if you would like to learn more about Rowley, Alberta, I’ve also posted a blog post about the town that you’re more than welcome to take a look at.

Credits to: LCR Photography, Rowley, AB

Calgary Wedding Proposal- Nick & Joanne

_A0A3453Nick’s Proposal to Joanne – SHE SAID YES!

As soon as we finished taking the call from Nick, who asked us if we could take photos of him and Joanne for their anniversary, we knew couldn’t let his offer pass us by. Nick had told us that he was also preparing a delightful surprise for his girlfriend that would change their lives forever — he was going to propose!

For us, we were very excited to accept this photo shoot. This was an amazing opportunity to have been able to capture such raw emotions of happiness and love during one of the greatest moments in the couple’s lives.

_A0A3405 _A0A3425 _A0A3526

Ensuring that the surprise proposal remained a surprise was no easy feat for Nick. It took a considerable amount of effort from him to ensure that everything would go perfectly and that Joanne remained unaware of his plan as he gave us instructions on what to do as we were getting close to the Peace Bridge — the place where Nick was proposing.

_A0A3446 _A0A3407 _A0A3530-Edit

We strolled around Prince’s Island Park and took some of the couple’s initial photos at the bridge where they went on their first date. We continued walking and as we were nearing the Peace Bridge, feelings of anxiousness and excitement grew in me, and most likely, for Nick as well.

As we arrived at our destination, Nick then guided Joanne to the middle of the bridge and gave her an anniversary present — a photo album that consisted of pictures that told their story, from how they met and to their life right now. With Joanne engrossed with the album, a group of their friends, who Nick asked for help, slowly crept up behind them, holding cut-outs that spelled “MARRY ME WILL YOU”

_A0A3554 _A0A3537 _A0A3576

Joanne turned around and saw the sign. Tears flowed from her eyes as Nick pulled out a small box from his pocket and got down on his knee. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful ring. Nick then asked Joanne, “Will you marry me?.”

Joanne, with no hesitation, said yes.

_A0A3613 _A0A3608-Edit _A0A3616 _A0A3628_A0A3679_A0A3681_A0A3533

Right before my eyes, Nick and Joan showed me that this kind of love story does not only happen in movies but also in reality.This is one photoshoot that will forever remain memorable to me, and Ian and I are eternally grateful for Joanne and Nick for allowing us to be a part of it.

Credits: LCR Photography, Princess Island Park, Calgary