Don’t Let the Cold Bite – Tips on Winter Photography

For you photographers out there, don’t let the winter dreariness get you down. The winter season is an opportune moment for you to really showcase your creativity. The photographs below, taken by my husband, are some examples of how we utilized the beautiful winter landscape during our travels around the gorgeous, scenic places in Alberta.

Peyto Lake, Banff AB
Lake Louise, Banff AB
Canoe Cabin in Lake Louise, Banff AB
Cold Fire Creek Dogsledding, Jasper BC

In addition, here are some helpful advice on how to take care of your camera and gear when the weather drops down to 10 degree Celsius.

  1. Protect Your Camera from Condensation – Condensation occurs when there’s a sudden change in temperature from cold to warm. In order to protect your camera from moisture, you could bring a large Ziploc bag to put your camera in. Also, when you’re heading indoors (either to your car or your house) after taking pictures outside, ensure that you do not turn the heat up suddenly. Or better yet seal them up on a bag.
  2. Bring Extra Batteries – Battery life depletes faster when used in colder temperatures. So remember to bring extra batteries with you for your flash and camera. And keep them as close to your body where it’s warmer.
  3. Dress Warmly – Experiencing mild frostbite is a common occurrence during the winter, especially if you don’t dress accordingly, which in turn can keep you from taking the images you want to capture. I suggest that you pack some hand-warmer heat pads, which can be bought at your local pharmacy. You should also wear Thinsulate gloves and a thick pair of socks to keep both your hands and feet warm.
  4. Meter it Right – When the landscape you’re shooting is mostly covered in snow, make sure to dial in and add a stop or two to create proper exposure, rather than using average metering which is 18% grey. Using this technique will give you a more realistic image of the surrounding snow and portray it as pure white.
Johnston Canyon, Banff AB
Elbow Falls, Kananaskis AB

Lastly, don’t forget to share your images. So bundle up and enjoy shooting.

Festival of Lights

During the holiday season, every part of the city may seem surrounded with lights made of different colours and various shapes. These lights, which exudes a joyous and festive energy, could provide you with the perfect opportunity to do something fun and creative while utilizing the scintillating surroundings.

Purple – ©LCR Photography
Maples – ©LCR Photography
Bokehlicious – ©LCR Photography













I don’t know about you, but the Christmas holidays always makes me a little nostalgic. And along with the remembrance of fond past memories, this season also brings about certain feelings of love, kindness, and togetherness that never fails to make me smile.

Shades of Grey – ©LCR Photography
LCR - ©LCR Photography
LCR – ©LCR Photography

“Christmas should not only be celebrated once a year, but everyday.” may be cliche, but if it’s able to draw out more happiness in people’s lives, then I say, why not? So here are some snapshots we took over the weekend (using some fun shapes to jazz it up a bit) that we hope embodies a little bit of the Christmas spirit.

Lastly, we at LCR Photography would like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday!

Happy Holidays – ©LCR Photography

In addition to all these delightful images, also check out our DIY video tutorial that follows, showing how we made these beautiful shapes of light . Enjoy!